Announcing Infomaniac-AMF

I recently gave a talk at the second PHPSouthAfrica conference in my hometown, Johannesburg. The topic of the talk was AMF – a binary data serialization protocol; it is a data format that was very popular back with the Flash kiddies (full disclosure: I was such a kiddie), and I wanted to show it off to the larger PHP community. It has some wonderful features such as support for a wider range of data-types, as well as object, string & array references (even circular references!) and many other little goodies.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of two new open-source projects under the name of Infomaniac-AMF:

These two libraries have been built to be completely symmetric, and will allow you to use the AMF data format in your modern web applications. It is true that other libraries for both PHP & JavaScript exist which can produce and process AMF-encoded data, but – as far as I am aware – no-one has built two libraries that are completely interoperable between client & server; which is what Infomaniac-AMF promises to do.

There is a detailed README in both projects to get you started & convinced, and I am really hoping some of you will find this interesting enough to collaborate with me.

There is also a sample project which I built for the conference, and demoed live – it is essentially a Lanyrd clone and is built with Doctrine2, Laravel 4 & AngularJS.

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