Small update to Spore

At the polite behest of one of Spore‘s users, I’ve pushed a small change to the library:


What this change will allow you to do is to check the Request and Response objects directly in the authCallback function. This can come in handy when checking rate-limiting headers in the HTTP request, or even denying data to users who stubbornly continue to use IE6!

If you haven’t heard about Spore – here’s a quick summary: Spore is a small library which rests on the mighty (if slight) shoulders of Slim framework. It provides some very handy features, such as:

  • Composer integration
  • Annotation-based request routing
  • First class templating support
  • Automatic deserialization and serialization of data
  • Simple, but effective authorization mechanism
  • Minimal restrictions
  • Easily configurable
  • Simple to use

There’s a metric fuck-tonne of documentation available (not really, I just like mixing SI units and coitus):


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